Feature Selection: Insert node "into flow" by keyboard when existing connection line is selected

There are some great UI tricks for automatically connecting new nodes when dragging and dropping, but I have not found a way to insert a node directly into the existing flow via keyboard. Ideally if you select a flow line and hit enter on a node, then it would be inserted and connected into the flow on both sides ready to configure. The one side auto connect when a node is selected is rarely useful for me, since almost all work is done in the center of existing workflows.

It would allow users to identify their insert point by selecting the flow line, find and select their node, then just hit enter. The drag and drop method is great for simple workflows, but on large complex workflows it causes a delay to re-find and drop it in the right place after shifting over to navigate the voluminous Node Repository.

I personally use macro shortcut buttons to insert specific nodes into a workflow (via the Quick Node Insertion and some additional keyboard commands). This avoid the time suck of navigating the Node Repository all together at least 99% of the time. With this “Insert Node into the Flow” UI improvement, I would be able to macro insert nodes into the flow, as well as have them auto open the configuration window to begin work in an instant.

It would be equally as convenient to have a “Paste into flow” keyboard shortcut when doing a copy and paste of nodes, or even just make it the default paste behavior of connecting a node into a flow whenever a flow line has been selected prior to paste.