Feature suggestion: Automatic out-ports on metanodes and components

When building workflows I tend to group nodes that perform a certain functionality into metanodes or components right after that part is finished and before continuing building the workflow. A constant gripe I have is that when the last selected node is not connected to anything the generated metanode/component does not have an output port and it has to manually be created. I would greatly prefer that the generated component automatically get as many out-port correctly connected as the last selected node has.

If you don’t need the out-port it doesn’t hurt to have it on contrast of not having at and needing to create it. This seems a simple change to me that would help a lot in making clean workflows.*

  • I guess it matters how you work. Personally I do not really see that great of a need for wireless connections as grouping (even nesting) components and metanodes) solves that problem well enough.

Hello @kienerj,

experienced described process couple of times and indeed was a bit annoying to have to manually add out-port. However seems to me this suggested, automatic, way of adding out-ports could be confusing in some use case. For example already mentioned case when you don’t need out-ports, or when you need them but not from last node, or when you have multiple last nodes…


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What I generally do is adding e.g. a table view node before wrapping my nodes (all but the last one) as component, so the component immediately gets created with the out port connected. But I agree it would be nice if that wasn’t necessary.

Maybe an option can be added in the component creation dialog, like “we detected one dangling node, would you like to create an out-port for it?” or some such. With a checkbox to remember my decision in the future :slightly_smiling_face: