Feature suggestion: EDI/EDIFACT Nodes

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Knime is really a jack of all trades for every challenge my workplace throws at me.
The only thing I frequently need to outsource is Problems related to EDI Messages. I also could not find any workarounds on the forum. If anyone has a useful approach, I´m all ears.

The companies we exchange EDI Messages use almost exclusively the EDIFACT Standard and only few document types are getting exchanged (e.g. ORDERS, DESADV, INVOIC,…).

I was thinking about what would help me in my daily business, and probably a lot of others as well:

  • A Reader / EDI Encoder node, which could extract the structured data from an EDI Message and output it into a table. From there you could work with existing Knime nodes for further processing.

  • A EDI Decoder/ EDI-Mapper (table to EDI-Message) node, which would take a table input and map it to the segments. This would probably require a graphical interface for the user to create the mappings.

Another approach would be to create a node to convert the EDI-Messages to another Format (e.g. JSON) and use existing Knime nodes for further data wrangling. I´m not sure though if this approach is sensible from a technical point of view.

Here is a wikipedia link to the EDIFACT Standard: EDIFACT - Wikipedia




This is an interesting feature request. I will discuss this internally, and create a feature request.

In the meantime, you can use existing libraries (python, R, java) and create a snippet that can do what you want. I, for example, run in to GitHub - nerdocs/pydifact: A python EDIFACT library.

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@e2dboden I recently tried my hand on combining KNIME and the mentioned pydifact package to parse EDIFACT messages. Maybe you could have a look.



this looks really interesting. Unfortanately my Python skills are close to non-existent.
I’ll give it a try nevertheless.

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