Feature suggestion: node lock (make nodes immune to reset)

Dear Knimers,

It might be useful to have the ability to “lock” executed nodes so that they stay “green” after a workflow reset. For example, a user may want to lock a node that retrieves some data from the internet if there is a chance that this internet resource changes or disappears.


@Aswin I would advise against such a feature since this might be confusing for workflows that you would expect to reset and run. If you must persist a result I would suggest to store the content in a table and do not allow the table to be overwritten. That way you would have a stable content.

@mlauber71 re “confusing for workflows that you expect to reset and run”; the feature would be most useful to make sure that workflows run after a reset, because some nodes may have an unstable output. The feature would be basically the same as storing content in a table, but without removing the provenance of that table. It would also be much easier; simply click “lock”. A lock symbol on the node could make it clear to the user what is going on.

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