Feature suggestion - Node name to flow variable

It would be useful to be able to extract a node title into a flow variable. The use case is where you have a repeating pattern of nodes, but each with a node being different, for instance an ML Learner node and you want to tabulate all of your results and know that one record was using Random Forest, another SVM etc.

At the moment I think you have to do it using a table or variable creator node and manually enter the label you’d add to the row. Being able to assign the title of a node to a variable would be a tidy fix for this type of scenario.

That’s a great suggestion. I’ve created an internal ticket for this. Thank you.

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Glad you like it. I’m sure it’ll streamline my rapid-prototyping where I want to change one or two nodes and compare results. Hopefully it’s an easy one to implement too.

You could also use the automl component.

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