Feature suggestion: Table to Cell node (continued)

Dear Knimers,

In an earlier thread (now locked) I suggested to use “Table to String” and “String to Table” nodes as a way to wrap a whole table into a table cell. These nodes were included in the Erlwood community nodes.

However, to me it seems like the Erlwood community nodes are no longer available for Knime 4.7, is this correct?



Hi @Aswin -

It seems that for various reasons, a few community extensions are not available in 4.7. This currently includes the Erlwood nodes. I’m checking on this internally to see how we can better communicate about changes to extensions associated with AP updates.

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Hi @ScottF , hope these extensions have not disappeared permanently! It would be a sad loss of functionality.

Hi @Aswin,

may I ask, what exactly from the Erlwood extensions did you use?

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Hi @steffen_KNIME ,

as I mentioned in the beginning of the thread, the "Table to String” and “String to Table” nodes. I think I also used the “String to Molecule” node at some point, but “Molecule Type Cast” from the standard chemistry nodes does something similar.

It goes a bit against Knime’s “reproducibility guarantee” philosophy if packages simply vanish without warning when upgrading to a new Knime version, even though it is “just” a point update. This is what the Knime website tells me when I try to download an older version of Knime:



p.s. The "Table to String” and “String to Table” nodes may also be of interest to the people of this other recent thread, because these nodes allow a table to be stored in a string flow variable.

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Hi all,

By chance I discovered today that the Erlwood nodes are available again (in 4.7).