As an attached image, I want to make column2 from column1 using LOOP nodes.

Please tell me the way to implement this.

I want to know which nodes I should use and how I use the nodes. 

What should that be??? In any case, I don't see any Fibonacci there.

For example, when column1 contains 1(row1),1(row2),1(row3),1(row4),1(row5),1(row6),1(row7), I want to create column2 that contains 1(row1),1(row2),2(row3),3(row4),5(row5),8(row6),13(row7).

What should I do to create the column2??

Not sure whether this can be achieved through the loop nodes at all.

I would probably try a Java Snippet where you keep the two preceding fibonacci numbers as "system variables" which you continuously update with each row invocation (which is technically a loop as well).