File date etc modifications

Input nodes which read data from a file do not currently change their state (to unexecuted) when the file date is modified. I imagine that with some effort it would be possible to check the file date as part of loadValidatedSettingsFrom but this would not have any consequences if the file was modified while the workflow was open (whether by a third party application or another node in the workflow). Will the planned changes to the workflow manager allow a method to be periodically executed independent of the node configuration dialog or node execution? Is there a better approach to this issue?

Sorry, THINK, your post slipped my attention.

I can't think of any good way to periodically check the date on the data file. After a node is executed there is nothing KNIME does with it (except loading and saving as you mentioned). Also, a node can't (or shouldn't) reset itself. You could set a warning message (icon) through the method NodeModel#setWarningMessage. This would give the user at least some indication...and, really the best place is to do this in is NodeModel#loadInternals. This is called during loading only when the node is in an executed state. (The file reader actually does these checks in there.)

For the new workflow manager we don't have any plans so far to change that behaviour. The data computed in KNIME is always kind of a snapshot from the input at the time of execution. And I believe that is a message that can be communicated to the user and is quite clear.

- Peter