File download failed forbidden -file download node

Hello Team

I am using - creat temp dir node and file download node…in the wrapped node.
here my files fail to download
with error - download fail forbidden

I am using knime server small on AWS

Can you please look into this…
as you…

Hi @navinjadhav,

Is it possible for you to provide a workflow which reproduces the error?



Hi @armingrudd,

An example to reproduce the error would be extremely useful.


Collections - Bank Details & Aggreement (63.7 KB)

The File Download node doesn’t work in KNIME Server Small until version 4.9.1 (SRV-2230, see If you cannot upgrade to 4.9.1 please contact our support for assistance.


privously it was working…

Was the issue resolved after server upgrade or did you find a work-around?

we are planning upgrade soon…
we are worrried about future issue after upgrade…