File download from Azure to User in webportal

Hi Team,

I need to make a csv file available to download to an user on the webportal.

  1. When user click on a button(Download) on the Webportal, WF need to fetch the file from the Azure blob storage and make it available for user.
  2. Tried File Download Widget (It is expecting to have the file on the knime-server) before user click the next button. It is fine to have the file on the knime-server after user click on Download button not before that.
  3. Any other workaround can be done to fetch the files from Azure to user using JavaScript?

Hello @mathi,

how about you first ask user does he wants to download file and based on his answer either download from Azure and use File Download Widget either continue with flow?


Hi @ipazin,

Thanks for your response.

Ya I can do that approach. But in this case, If user clicks on Download I need to create one more UI screen with File Download Widget to make the file available for download.

My requirement is to download the file on the same page (Not navigating to another page)

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