File Download Widget and Write to Relative to Current workflow data area

I use the Excel Writer (XLS) to:
Write to Relative to Current workflow data area with filename.xlsx

Then export the filename as a flow variable. It looks like this is a new ‘path’ type flow variable.

I’d then like to use the File Download Widget to download the file from the WebPortal. This node doesn’t support that file type yet. I tried to use String Manipulation to create the required path, but the node couldn’t find the file:
join(“knime://”, $${SfilePath}$$)

Any ideas on how to work around this until the two nodes are updated to work with each other.

Am using KNIME AP 4.2.2.

See attached example workflow:

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Hi @jonfuller

I m not sure if that is exactly what you were looking for, but I have a “workaround” using the Create File Name node. However that does not touch on the path type thing. Let me know if that does the job for you, if not happy to dig further. Also there is a node “Path to String” coming up, it is in the nightly so far and will be included in the December release.