File polling workflow trigger

I’ve done a search but didn’t find a post so here goes.
We are looking at having a KNIME server (medium) setup internally in a windows environment.
Is it possible to have a workflow trigger on the arrival of a file in a directory that isn’t on a set time of day/schedule.
ie: Poll a folder and when file xyz.txt arrives process the desired workflow
Thanks for any help

Hi. Perhaps this post where @gab1one provides a component may help? Need node to watch directory to start automated process! Please Help!


Hi @Unzy,

with KNIME Server I would do following. Create scheduled workflow (scheduling interval depends on your need) that would inspect if the file is in the folder. If it is not then simply do nothing. If there is a file then call another workflow (call workflow nodes) that would process data from it. Additional logic can be done in first workflow in order not to repeat processing of the same file. For example moving file or raising a flag…

Hope this helps!



Thanks this is a great idea too

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