File Preparation prior to predictive analysis


I am trying to train a model using known data and then trying to use the model to predict the result on a fresh data set. I have training and test data in which the "result" column is filled in. I now want to use a set of new data with the "result" column blank, with the idea that the model would predict this value.

My questions:

1. Does all the data have to be in one file? If so, how do we instruct the tool regarding which is the training data set and which is the prediction data set?

2. If the data is in separate files, how will the workflow look like to work with these multiple files?



This question can be answered best by pointing you to our public workflow server. This server is freely accessible within KNIME Desktop. After you have connected (press the Connect button) to this server you see a whole repository of KNIME workflows. In the category Data Mining you will examples on building workflow for the purpose. Let me know if this is helpful.