File reader adds an empty final row if...

…the first row of the file is parsed for column headers. Probably known, but as there seems to be no public bugtracker access, I wouldn’t know. :wink:


Nuh, there are no open bugs for the file reader.
But this is one I hear for the first time.
Do you have an example file by any chance? (Maybe with settings to reproduce it?)

  • Peter.

Oops, just realized, that’s a rather old post of yours.
Do you still care for a fix? (I do!).

Hi, I'm relatively new to KNIME and I'm finding the File Reader (and CSV Reader) adds an extra empty line after pulling data in from a delimited file.

Is this a bug?  Or am I missing something obvious during configuration?  (I'm running version 3.1.2 and I'm setting KNIME to read column headings.) 

I'd be grateful for any help.  Jack

Hi Jack,

could you send me the file where this is happening? I am happy to take a look at it.

Thank you! Iris