File Reader in KNIME 3.3 cannot read negative values in 'Double' column of TAB delimited data

Hi All,

I noticed that I cannot import a TAB delimited file anymore since I upgraded to KNIME 3.3.0.

Previously, this file was read with the File Reader node without any problems even though it's about 500Mb. In version 3.3.0 however it cannot read numbers such as '-999' correctly. 

The error message is as follows:

Wrong data format. Got '-999' for a floating point. In line 10 (row8) at column #23 ('ColumnName')

This to me seems to be a bug, I hope it can be resolved quickly.




Are you sure the "-" is a correct minus and not some other strange character? I just tested with a simple file and I could read -999 without any problems into a double column.

Hi Douwe,

could you make us a XLS were you have this problem? I also couldnot reconstruct it.

Best, Iris

I have been able to duplicate this issue as well.  It only occurs when I enter a thousands separator character under the Advanced Settings --> Decimal Separator section.

Hello brian,

Thank you for providing this information. I was able to reproduce the behavior and opened a report.