File Reader Node gets NullPointerException


I’m executing a Workflow on the KNIME-Server via WebPortal. The first File Reader Node (More then 8 Mill. lines) works fine, but the second File Reader Node (23 lines) gets a NullPointerException.
On my local KNIME installation everything works fine and so it was on the Server. But after I changed a value in a Partitioning Node (testing with less data) and reupload, the Workflow failes due to the NullPointerException at the File Reader Node.

Any ideas?


E: After a new reupload, no error accurred. Is the NullPointer just a random error?!

Hi @sven-abx

I’m assuming no files or settings were changed before the reupload? This is a rather strange error that I have not seen before.
Assuming this is a bug, could you let me know which version of KNIME Analytics Platform you are using and, if you happen to know, also the KNIME server version? I can then try to reproduce the error.

If you happen to have more details on the error message, I’d also be interested in those.

Kind regards

Hi @marvin.kickuth,

AP: 4.3.1
Server: 4.12.1
Job - 2021-05-06 15.04.14:
Job - 2021-05-06 15.09-40:


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Hi Sven,

did you ever run into this issue again? I wasn’t able to reproduce the error so far.
Incase you encountered the error again, could you (within the WebPortal) have a look at the job in the monitoring tab and let me know whether there is any content in the Node messages column?

Kind regards

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