File Reader node skips missing values if only one column is present in input


I want to use File Reader node with only column in the input csv file in which some rows values are missing. The node actually skips those rows and are not shown as missing values(?). In my usecase I need those to append with other data. Note: It works fine when there are more than one columns are present in the input file.

I am attaching a basic sample workflow showing both the scenarios.

Any pointer or help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A csv file contains a line of text for each row, where each row is separated by commas. Thus an "empty" row in a csv file contains only the column separators. If your table has only one column, there are no separators, and the corresponding line is completely empty. Empty lines seem to be ignored by most readers, including the File Reader and the CSV Reader. (Bug? Feature? I don't know.) One simple solution would be to use a Line Reader instead.

Yes, whether a feature or bug it's bit difficult to carry on with outputs in two cases. Anyways, using Line Reader can be a quick solution. Thank you for the explanation.