File reader on Mac vs Windows - New line in quoted string


We have been running a workflow in Knime that loads a large txt file (multiple GB) using the file reader and then parsethe content via Python. However when we try to run the same file and and wrokflow on a windows machine, we get:

ERROR File Reader          0:325:2    Execute failed: New line in quoted string (or closing quote missing)

Any recommemndations?

Thank you 

Hello myself ;)

For some eason on WIndows the option "Quoted Strings can extend over multiplelines needed to be checked manually"


Marking as solved.


I have 225K .txt files and create List Files + Loop Variables + File Reader but New line in quoted string (or closing quote missing) error message and process failed. Help pls

From my experience if the advanced settings are not suitable to import messy csv data you could try to use R’s readr package

If the columns are also not identical or messy you could force all columns to be imported as strings and deal with the formats later.