File reader problem

Hoi zäme

I am getting

`2020-07-06 22:07:34,127 : WARN : KNIME-Worker-33-File Reader 2:3 : : Node : File Reader : 2:3 : Data was truncated due to user settings.

but I cannot figure out why. I read in as strings the first six rows of a file (metadata to the rest of the file). I did not check whether the message tells the truth, but I am alerted as this seems to be an issue if reading other longer data and I do not see how reading as string should truncate the data.

Please find attached a test case.

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File_Reader_test.knwf (5.3 KB) (239 Bytes)

Your file “first_seven.asc” contains 7 rows.
You instructed the File Reader node to only read the first 6.
KNIME is letting you know that, due to decisions that you made, the output of the File Reader node is a subset of the data that was in the original file.


Hei elsamuel

Thanks for the quick reply. Then the message is misleading to me and what is more it is a message I do not get with the CSV reader. On the other hand, the same option is named differently and does not work at all in my experience - maybe a handling error. My confusion might originate from some ETL tools where there actually is data truncation of ports/attributes/fields when the data getting thrown at is actually larger than the attributes’ definition. The log is spitting a truncation warning but that usually gets lost.



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