File reader: read all columns as strings


Is there a possibility to read all columns as a string by default, instead of letting the file reader guess the data type?
The only possible solution I know of right now is to change all columns back to string manually, which is rather time consuming if the table has many columns.

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@schulz_d welcome to the KNIME community

Yes that is possible with the help of R’s readr package.

Assuming Location is the (well) location of the CSV file as a flow variable and it has pipes (|) as separators (you could replace that with whatever separator you use).


file_location <-[["Location"]]

knime.out <-
, delim="|"
, col_names = TRUE
, col_types = cols(.default = "c")))

Many thanks for the workaround.
Would still be nice to have a solution entirely within knime, but this should work out for so long


In my cases it was suitable to use a “File Reader” with a “Cell Splitter” Node afterwards.

If the “Column Delimiter” was set to “none”, the reader creates a table with one string column only. The cell splitter creates multiple columns with the same Data Type.


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