file reader request

I have a file that has two columns separated by varying number of tabs. I haven't found an option in the filereader node to account for that... Would it be possible to add this option in a future release?



Hi Bernd,

I tried reproducing it (by creating a file with a couple of lines with two items each - each separated by one or multiple tabs). And the file reader was able to read it with its default settings.

Could you send us an example file that fails, for us to reproduce it?


 - Peter.

Nuh! I take it back. My editor replaces tabs with spaces...

It doesn't work. But it should!

As a workaraound you could create a collection from all columns but the first one, and then extract with the Java Snippet the first non-null value in that collection. Sorry...

 Best, - Peter.

While you are at it. Can you also include an option that ignores empty lines?

Even if allow short lines are allowed?