File Reader with wildcard


is it possible to configure the file reader with a “beginning wildcard string” like “*1704.dat”?
I like to read in a waiting loop new files in a folder with a increasing number at the end of the file name (the beginning of the filename will differ in an unknown way).

Thanks for any hints!


Maybe the CSV Reader (Labs) solves your problem.
Select files in folder, select the folder containing your files and click on the filter options button.


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I have to use KNIME 4.0.2
Is it also available for this version?

Which extension could be relevant, there are so many…

Only available with 4.2 sorry :disappointed: and you don’t have to install an extension.

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You could also use the list files node beforehand. That node let’s you also filter for files using wildcards and it is available with v4.0


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