file reader

I want to read a text file where the first few lines are comments, starting with “#”.
The following lines are tab separated rows with the identifier in the first column. Those identifiers are constructed with a “#” in the middle.
I guess you can imagine what is happening… (only half of the identifier is read and anything after the “#” is regarded as a comment. What would you suggest I do to solve this problem and to be able to read all columns?


Unfortunately there is not much you can do, I am afraid - except for deleting the first lines from your file manually.
If ‘#’ is a comment character, it is a comment character.
You could enter multiple characters as “single line comment” pattern. Unfortunately the string is trimmed though, so a #+<space> won’t work. But maybe some other combination?

  • Peter.

regular expressions don’t seem to work either…
could you tell me where in the code the trimming happens? I would then copy the node and make one for my purposes…