File upload and column selection in same component - is it possible?


I’m fairly new to KNIME so apologies if this is a simple question…

I have a component which contains both a file upload widget and column selection widget like the attached.

I would like the columns within the column selection dropdown to update depending on what file has been input, however at the moment the column selection seems to not update from the default meaning you have to go out of the component interactive view and then back in to it for it to recognise the new columns.

I have tried using the refresh widget but doesn’t seem to quite do what I want it to do (probably user error!).

Is there a way to do this? Or do they have to be within separate components?

Thank you in advance. :blush:

have you tried adding the domain calculator node before the excel reader already?


Thanks for your reply.

I hadn’t tried that but just done it now and doesn’t seem to work. It seems to update the data underneath as opposed to the column headings (unless I’m doing something wrong).

Do you have any other ideas?

Thank you.

It seems like the refresh widget should work here if you attach it to the column selection widget.

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