File Upload not working


Im currently trying to use the "file uploader" node to use it with the webportal (3.9/2.10.1). Unfortunately it seems, whatever the user choses doesnt matter. The sever is just using the default file path (after adding the working dir as prefix).

You can see it in the following warning (default file is C:%5CUsers%5CXXX%5C0compare.csv, as my client is windows while the server is linux).

The file actually chosen by the user was something completely different.

File Reader 72:182:2

Can't access 'file:/opt/knime/workflows/runtime/runtime_knime-rmi-1099/C:%5CUsers%5CXXX%5C0compare.csv'.

Did you assign the variable that comes out of the File Upload node correctly to the DataURL property of the File Reader?

Yes.. but with or without File Reader, the problem is occuring (can be seen from the flow variable output of the excecuted File Uploader). I attached some screenshots, as it seemed to be cut earlier.

So im chosing a file for upload (desktop.ini), execute the workflow and KNIME is just taking the default file (anno.txt), adding the runtime folder as prefix. Of course as you can see there, it doesnt make sense at all. It should have uploaded and used the desktop.ini file and put the temp directory (I guess the runtime dir) as prefix .

I dont know if these flow variables are accurate (as I copied the excecuted workflow form the server and apparently the workspace is not the server one) but the content of the URL variable  is exactly what the file reader is complaining about.


It seems the problem was somehow cause by me "exporting" the location variable for debug reasons (with the not so thoughtfull name cfgd.....).


After removing this, the upload worked. I would consider this a bug though as per my understanding exporting of additional variables shouldnt affect the "normal" ouputs of the file upload.

I could reproduce the problem. We will have a look into it.