File Upload quickform error

Hi, I’m new with quickforms, and I currently don’t have Knime server licence. I’d like to choose a csv file browsing my pc.
When I use the “File Upload” quickform I get the following error message:
“File upload only available on server”.
Is there any setting I should change?

If you simply want to read a local CSV file then you can use the CSV Reader or File Reader nodes. There is no need for a File Upload node.

Does the File Chooser Quickform node help you?


I’d like to browse the directories and choose the csv file, then I’ll use the CVS Reader node to read it.
I also tried the File Chooser quickform, When I am trying to Browse the RootPath I get the error:
“No server mountpoint was found for selection of root path. Please log into a server you want to use for browsing.”
I wonder if Knime server is necessary to use those nodes.