File Upload Widget doesn't work with files defferent than csv, table and excel readers

I´ve been working with the File Upload Widget in a workflow running on the Web Portal, and it works well with Excel, csv and table reader, but when I upload other kind of files like .doc, .zip, .pdf to be read with Tika Parser or Decompress Files, It says (on the Portal) that The file does not exist.
Any clue?

Hi @lsandinop ,

What version of Knime AP and Knime Server are you currently running?


KNIIME AP 4.3.1 and KNIME Server 4.12.1.

Hi Isandinop,

is it possible, that your .doc, .zip, .pdf files contain special characters like whitespaces or similar?


Hello @DanielBog
I’m not sure about your question. The file names have spaces but not special characters. I haven’t tryed to upload files without spaces in the names, and it is not an issue with csv, excel or table files.
If your question is if the content files has special characters, white spaces and similars, the answer is yes because what I’m trying to analyze are texts with natural language. The reason because I’m using zip aswell is because I have not found a node that allows to select a path and upload a set of files, so what I’m asking to the user is to zip the files, upload the zip and internally It unzips them and parse the with Tica Parser. As I said It works perfectly on the AP but when I run it on The web Portal it fails. It looks like the upload node put the file in a tmp folder on the workflow files but when the other nodes (Tica Parser or Decompress zip nodes) try to read the files are not there. I also try to use the Transfer Files node to send the files from tmp folder to data folder on the workflow, but the files seams to never been writed on tmp folder.

Hey Isandinop,

I am talking about spaces (which are also special characters in the sense of paths) and other special characters in the filename. There was a problem in the file upload widget that did not escape these special characters properly. This problem will be fixed in the next version and should solve your issue. If this is the problem, I still don’t fully understand why csv, excel, and table files should work for you, as they should have the same problem. It might be, that for those files you are accessing them differently. To investigate this further it would be very helpful if you could provide your workflow so that I can have a look.
The reason that it works in the AP is, that there another technology is used which makes the escaping of the file names not necessary.

To make sure, that the escaping is the problem, it would be good if you test uploading zip files without spaces and see if that works.



Yes I also encountered the bug with the space. Thank you for fixing!!

@DanielBog Thanks!
The problem was the name of the files! But want you to know that only happens with .pdf, .doc, .docx, txt, and zip. I can give any name to the csv, xlsx or tables and works perfectly.
Thanks again

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