File Upload Widget with different sheet Names


I am trying to select a excel file as part of my file upload widget, but the file has multiple sheets and i need only one specific sheet.

How can i get the user to select the specific sheet and not the complete excel file?


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Hello @r_jain
I am sure there are few ways to achieve your expected output… a simple one coud be described as follow:

  1. ‘Read Excel Sheet Names’
  2. ‘Value Selection Widget’ this will return your selected Excel sheet, straight forward into a variable.
  3. ‘Excel Reader’ use your Excel sheet name variable to control ‘sheet_name’ parameter

I hope this is clear.

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This works in the local system. But the aim is to get a file upload done from the user since the file and the local name will also change. I tried connecting a file upload widget and trying to push the file name selected as a variable to the read excel name but it didn’t work out.

I don’t think that server is going to have access to local files in order to do this… I have never seen this done, but perhaps if they upload a file first then it might be able to list the sheet names?

what does that mean exaclty? can you share the workflow? Waht error occurs?

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