File Upload Widget

Hi, I am trying to run a knime workflow on server which basically calls for a file from the local file system. I am getting this error

ERROR Excel Reader 272:58: Execute failed: Direct access to the local file system is not allowed on KNIME Server.

To give context:-

I have created a component on just the File Upload widget in which the default file is a file from my local system.
It is connected to an excel reader which again takes in the file from the local system.
What am i doing wrong?

My expectation is to simply allow the selection of a file from my local system, it does the transformation and i get to download the file.

The KNIME File Handling Guide says:

Please be aware that when executing a workflow on KNIME Server version 4.11 or higher the local file system access is disabled for security reasons. The KNIME Server administrators can activate it, but this is not recommended. For more information about this please refer to the KNIME Server Administration Guide.


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