FileMaker DB Connection

Hello All,

I have managed to connect to my FileMaker Server database using the DB Connector node, however I am not retrieving anything in the DB Query Reader node when attempting to fetch metadata.

FileMaker is definitely set up to allow connection via JDBC/ODBC as we have successfully connected in a test outside of knime.

Has anyone managed to successfully read a FileMaker database in knime before?

Thanks for your time!

Hello @Green_Man ,

I don’t have a current example of anyone connect to FileMaker using KNIME, but chances are good that one of our users has done it in the past. :slight_smile:

That being said, according to internal sources, some data sources sometimes won’t produce the metadata in the nodes. Reportedly, Google’s Big Query was that way before we created the node. We suggest trying an SQL statement that you know works; you may be able to adjust the Advanced tab of the DB connector node to see if it can be changed to make the metadata scan work.


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