Files Grouping

I am working with multiple files and I need to categorize them into two data table according to the number of rows in each file. For example, all files with more than 1000 rows will go to first data table while others will go to second table. How should I do?


Hi @soon_98 , after reading each file, you can get a row count using the Extract Table Dimension node:

It will give you the size of the table, basically the number of rows and the number of columns.

You’re interested in the number of rows here.

If number of rows is more than 1000, then go to first data table, else go to second table.


Hello @soon_98,

what are you actually categorizing? Files itself (e.g. you are writing file names in these tables depending on row count) or data from those files? If data then I assume your files have same structure?


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