Fill empty fields with the information of another column

Dear Community
I have a list with lots of sales information, in one column the sales document numbers themselves, but not in all rows, some rows are empty.
I have realized that in case the information in sales document numbers column is missing/blank, there is an information in another column which I would like to copy into the doc numbers column instead of the ?.
I have applied rule engine, but not successfully… I have read about column expression node, but I just want to change the empty fields in the doc numbers column, not all with the value of the other column.

Who could help to solve?

Thanks a lot.

Hello @tsv_ml_f21,

if I got it right rules in Rule ENgine should be something like this:

MISSING $docNumCol$ => $anotherCol$
TRUE => $docNumCol$


Dear Ivan
Thanks; I have tried something like $docNumCol$ = “” => $anotherCol$…
It needs to be the ‘other way round’: Missing $docNumCol$ … works fine.
If you know the solution it looks easy to find it ;-).


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Glad it worked Martin :wink:

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