Filling empty cells with previously filled value

I’d like to set a row value in a column to a previously used row value in the same column, using a common identifier from both rows.

For illustration’s sake, the first table below represents data that was filled in prior.

The 2nd table represents the same dataframe, updated with new rows but with missing cells in the ‘Entry’ column.

I’d like the same Entry value to be pasted into the new rows, using ‘SKU’ as the identifier, meaning ‘Bulbasaur’ should have the value ‘Starter’, & ‘Ivysaur’ should have the value ‘2nd Form’

Does anyone know the easiest way to make this work?

Hi @yong9lum

You can use Rule Engine node the write this code inside it:

$SKU$ = "Bulbasaur" => "Starter" 
TRUE => "2nd Form"

Then use Replace Column option in rule engine configuration and select column Entry.


The missing value node also provides a fill previous value option. Depends on your use case. I can only see your screens.

Hello @yong9lum,

seems to me you could solve this with a Group Loop Start node based on SKU where you’ll use Missing Value node inside it and fill missing’s with previous value as @Daniel_Weikert said.


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Hi @mehrdad_bgh,

I was looking for something more dynamic because there are more than just these 2 unique identifiers, but thanks for the input anyways.

Hi @ipazin @Daniel_Weikert,

Thanks for your inputs, I found a solution to the problem before reading this, by using a groupby on the original datatable to get the values & joining them to the new entries before concatenating both. Will still try your suggestions & see which one is more effective for myself.


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