Filter a Row using a 1 column 1 row variable

Hi everybody, 

I want to filter a Row based on a calculated value, lets called it threshold (1 column and 1 row). I called it threshold because I want to spot outliers, hence I want to filter the values in that row which are above that limit. 

As the information change over time, the threshold does as well, for that reason I called  that "limit" a variable which must be calculated periodically (please correct me if I am wrong). 

I am using the Rule-Based Row Filter to know which values are above the threshold, but I am having two issues: 

1. I cannot filter the correct variable after calculating the threshold 

2. The Rule-Based Row Filter does nothing when I assign the threshold -variable. 

I am attaching the workflow. 

Any help will be highly appreciated. 





Hi, it seems you exported your workflow without datas. Without it I can only guess what you want. So if your datas aren't a very big file, I would have avoided variables, would have used a cross joiner to had the threshold in each line of the datas and then would have used the Rule-based row filter.

Thank you for your reply, I am attaching the data file.

Best Regards

Hi, the tablerow to variable considers only the first row, so you have to filter it previously or change the order for example with transpose -> column resorter ->transpose if you want to keep the other values. See the two alternatives in attachment below.

Thank you