filter and append strings from multiple sheet to one

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i have a lot of excel sheets. In every excel sheets there are a certain number of rows which start with the same title, then there are a blank rows and a list of rows that i d like to extract and append in one single file.

Ill make an example

this is the template for every file (i have a folder with 300 more or less). I d like to extrapolate and concatenate for every file the part underlined in black. It is possible that in the first section there are a lot fo rows, so it s not the same “structure” in every file but the number of rows in every section change… i concatenated whit a excel reader but even if a row filtering the name of the section i dunno how to take the part under the “title” of the last section

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Hi @Pippobaudo89,

here is a small workflow that could help - I tried to be generic, but you may have to adapt it according to your Excel structure.
It works with an indefinite number of Excel files and sheets per file.

Hope it helps.

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ok thanks

i found solution applying a missing values node and repeating the previous value in the first column, then row filtering for the title in the interested section :slight_smile:

thanks again

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