filter colum

I need to filter names in three diferent columns,
to know if they work two times in the same day

Hi @cris,

can you explain what you need to do in other words? I cannot understand the logic.

Thank you,

Hi @cris,

yes, some more information would be nice :grinning:
Is your task to find a row in your table where in “che 1” or “che 2” or “che 3” is the same name?
You can try the Rule Engine Node with this syntax:

As result you define a new column in the Rule Engine Node. In my example it’s “worked twice”
Now you can filter this column by “yes” or “no”

Hope this helps


I need to know when a name is repeated on the same date and if it is in the column of che 1, che 2 or che 3

For example, on day 1, Dayana works in the morning and in the afternoon at Che 1, Pamela1 also at Che 2, and Martha at Che 3. Thats what I need to get. And also for example on day 2 martha appears in column 2 and 3, I need to filter that too

Something like this?


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