Filter Columns and get overview for each possible value

I'm new to KNIME.
I have a dataset containing 3 columns namely an ID, an area specification and a rating. Multiple area rows belong to one ID and I'd like to have a short overview on all IDs, so basically that I can see which ID has which ratings for different areas. This basically is what I would be able to see if I filtered the table in Excel according to ID. Can I automate this, so I can quickly check the ratings for all areas for each ID without having to check manually in the output files?
Or in other words: How can I quickly find out if an ID has only positive ratings in each area without having to check manually?

Afterwards I'd like to compare this file with the same file from a different date. How would that be done best?


Thank you in advance.

You can create a new table based on the ID column using the GroupBy node (list of the other nodes) and view that in Statistics node or Interactive View.

I think I would Concatenate using the other tables from different dates for further processing.

Thank you for your answer.

How does the GroupBy node work? I tried using it before, but never got the results I wanted. Which column should be put in the Group and which in the Aggregation?

It certainly works. I tried to express in my previous post that you should group by ID and aggregate as the list of the other two columns, but maybe I misunderstood your question. Anyway, there are not many options if you always using just lists. :) I hope you will find the right combination in case I misunderstand your problem.