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I have a column with values, but I have some values ​​in the same cell separated by commas, and I need them to move to another column

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Have you tried the Cell Splitter node with a comma separator?


Yes, but it leaves me the columns without string, additional leaves me the values ​​of each column with commas, or how could I leave it in normal values ​​without commas?

Hi @cmunoq and welcome to the KNIME community forum,

Is it possible for you to provide a sample input and your desired output?


this is my entry, I need to pass those values ​​that are with a comma, add them to the columnForoKNime

Could you please post configuration of Cell Splitter? It does not keep comas in new columns.

Is there a way that the values ​​after the comma add me to the column but in other rows?

I think Ungroup node can do it directly from original table.
Anyway, you can filter rows with second column populated and not and using Concatenate node combine them. Then, if you need result in one column, use Rule Engine to populate empty rows based on the values in the second column.

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when using “cell splitter” it divides them but I have a column with commas the values, the first column is the original one

Hi @cmunoq,

Those commas are thousand separators since your new columns are defined as numeric columns.
To avoid that, choose “set array size” option instead of “guess size and column type” option and set the value 0 for array size.



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