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Hi All,

I have just started working with KNIME. I have no experience is coding but I know little bit of macros. I am need to filter out the data after outstanding deposits till the end. Row number for outstanding deposit will always be dynamic and end will always be dynamic.

Can you guide me which Node I should use for this.

Basically I need something start data from Outstanding deposit and then ctrl+shift+end to get the last valid row number. This is how I used to it in excel macros.


Hi @Ankit_smart,

well this kind of layout for a table is not the best for knime :thinking:
Attached 3+1 different examples how you could do it - I think the best option is the just use a regex or a java snippet.

Best option (if you can define the structure of your deposit ids - it seems CR+numbers or 8 numbers):
simple regex to filter of the column:

First option: get row numbers and filter for your start value in the known column - afterwards filter with the found row number…do it again for the next empty row

Second option: mark every empty row and the “Outstanding Deposits” row with 1
Create groups with moving aggregation and then filter for your wanted group

Third option: just use a small java snippet to mark the correct rows you want to keep - then filter for mark columns (I think the prettiest solution)

excel.knar (88.4 KB)


Thanks you for taking the time for explaining me this is such a detail.

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