Filter excel data per value and count removed values

Good morning knime community!

I would like to prepare my data before I do a statistical evaluation.

My data looks for example like this:

My goal is to calculate the arithmetic mean of the data, but there are some values, that are representing wrong measurements. So I would like to filter all values >0.3 and remove it from the data.
But I would like to count how many values were removed, so I have a percentage of wrong measurements in the end.
I already know how to do the statistic evaluation, but I am struggling with the filtering.

I already looked through the forum, but didn’t find something helpful. I appreciate every help, I am running late on my thesis and I really need this :smiley:

Kind regards,

Hi @fseck

I was thinking of something like this filter_data_count_removed_values.knwf (35.0 KB)
Split your data with the Row Splitter. Calculate the mean of the valid records (bottom) , and the percentage of invalid records (top).

gr. Hans


Hey Hans!

Thank you so much :slight_smile: that is working perfectly for me!

Have a great day


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