filter missing columns


is there any node that can filter columns witl null vaue?

Sure, use either:

Missing Value node and choose to remove row. 

Or use:

Row filter node, choose Missing value match, and to exclude by attribute.




i mean if a coumns has a null value in any record,i want to filter that column not the row

Ok, to do this, using the statistics node which will report back the number of missing values per column.

then transpose the data with transpose node.

now use row filter node to filter on the missing values column to only include those with a value of 0.

now transpose back again.

use reference column filter with the data connected to bottom port, and original data to top port. Choose to include columns in the config.


i did that but i think i did it in wrong way bcoz it did not get me what i wanted....

do i have to use transpose node bcoz when i use it no of missing value becomes a row,but with out that it is column and i can user row filter by include rows by attribute value.....

at the end how can i get original data with out columns that have missing value?

i thnik i fix that......

thanks for your briliant hint ....

Attached is an example.


figure it out