filter numbers in the column ending with zero

Hello everyone,
A quick question. How can I filter numbers in the column ending with zero?

Thank you in advance

If your numbers are string type, then you can use regex via the String Manipulation node.

regexMatcher($column2$, β€œ[0-9]+0”)

If your numbers are integer (etc.) type, then you can use the math Formula node.

if(floor($column1$/10)==$column1$/10, 1, 0)

You can then use the Row Filter node by either β€œTrue” or β€œ1.0” depending on your output.


Hi @Amanda252 , it’s probably best if you could share some sample data, and even better if you show them in a Knime table to understand what the column type is.

Otherwise, we have to guess, and the thing is the solution might vary depending on your data and column.

You can see how @victor_palacios has to try to guess, and there are some very nice solutions there.


Thank you very much. It works perfectly. Thank you

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@victor_palacios , another one to add to the collection :wink:
substr(reverse(string($column1$)), 0, 1) == "0"

This one should work with any column type as it’s converting it to string


My first thought was using modulo but I like the already given answers and it’s already solved by the experts here

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