Filter only rows that are neither a nor b

I am currently struggling with something I would determine as an easy task:

I have a column that has several values. It has either

ACME Corp. or
Not assigned or
some different value (e. g. John Doe)

So for the first two values, I have set up a Rule Engine node as follows

$name$ = “ACME Corp.” => “ACME”
$name$ = “Not assigned” => $some_other_column_value$

but I simply do not know how add the third rule?

Commonly spoken it should say:
“Any value that is NOT ACME Corp. and is NOT Not assigned give it the content of $just_another_column_value$ …”

In Excel I would eventually do something like Boolean expressions or a nested if function.

Thank you in advance for your kind help!

Hey @kowisoft,

the Rule Engine node also provides a boolean operators like AND, OR and NOT.

In your case the third rule would be:
NOT ($name$ = “ACME Corp.”) AND NOT ($name$ = “Not assigned”) => $just_another_column_value$




wow, @julian.bunzel - thank you for the lightning fast response :slight_smile:

Not that I see it, it makes perfectly sense (and I feel a little dumb :roll_eyes: )

Applied it, it works.

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