filter out many columns from a row with missing values

Hi everyone

This seems simple but I have been unable to do this.

I'd like to filter out missing values from my rows. The problem is I have 2046 coulmns in each row, and the columns with the values are never the same:

e.g.  go from somethign like this

RowID POOL Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4 Col5 Col6 Col7 ..Col2046
1 1 ? ? A874 ? ? B352 ? ?
2 2 D120 ? ? Z144 ? ? ? ?
3 3 ? B21 ? ? K0234 ? ? ?


to this

RowID POOL Comp1 Comp2
1 1 A874 B352
2 2 D120 Z144
3 3 B21 KO234

I'm sure I have miised soemthing but have been unable to do this.



Jupp, we have a node for it :-)

Missing Value Column Filter

You can define a threshold how many missings per column you allow.

Best regards, Iris

Hi Iris

I can't seem to get this to work: I have 2460 columns and 2455 coulmns contain missing values!

Trying this got rid of all the rows!!

I must be using it wrong.

Thanks for your help

Did you use the "Missing Value Column Filter" not the "Missing Value" node? And did you configure the node? It always worked for me.

Best, Iris