Filter out multiple criteria based on a column


We are struggling to find a way to filter out, as in the example above, all rows with status “inactive” belonging to the same employee ID (column Unique ID). The example marked with green should stay.

We have tried the Rule-based row filter and the Group-by in multiple scenarios and couldn’t find a solution yet.

Does anyone have any idea?

Hey @almond_butter,

so you want to filter out all rows for a employee id which has only statuses “inactive” but not if there is at least one “active” status?

Best regards

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Hello, Lars,

Thank you. Yes, you are correct.


This is just my solution to your problem, maybe (most likely) there is a better solution for it. You can have a look at the attached workflow and take it as an inspiration :slight_smile:

inactive_active_filter.knwf (12.8 KB)

Edit: You could change the order of the group by and the row filter node


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