Filter Row ID

I want to filter the End Balance row ID and show only those with values and eliminate 0 and ? values. How to do that?

you can use Rule-based Row Filter: e.g. [$Column$] > 0 => TRUE



Do I need to specify the column header in $Column$?

Yes, [$Column$] in the example is only a placeholder. If you double click in the node on the column of interest it would be automatically added. Otherwise you can enter it manually e.g. $End Balance$.

It says invalid settings

Did you entered the column manually or via double click?

I double click it and have that error settings

Can you rename the column using column rename node to check if the column header creates this issue?
If i create a column with the obviously same name it doesn’t show this error.

@morpheus your advice works, howewer I still have “?” to filter. Below is my formula.

Is there any missing to filter “?” also?

Yes, based on your settings this is expected, because you only exlcude Rows containing “0” as value.
If you set the node to “include TRUE matches” and use “>” instead of “=” you should only get positive values above 0 and also missing values are excluded.


Thank you so much @Morpheus, its looking good now… Appreciate it!

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Hi @TLKNW, additionally you could also filter out missing values by adding a second line to your original rule so it would show:

$End Lease Liability Balance$ = 0 => TRUE
MISSING $End Lease Liability Balance$  => TRUE

or use an OR statement

$End Lease Liability Balance$ = 0 OR MISSING $End Lease Liability Balance$ => TRUE

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