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Every month I have to go through and select a specific set of rows between two titles (Please see example below)

In this example I would like to be able to select information between “Third Party - Process Burners” and “Grand Total - Process Burners”

The number of rows between these change each month so I cannot use the filter by row number.

Can anyone help here?

I would suggest filtering by whatever is to the column to the right (E.g. “BU”, “FL”). There is an option to have only missing values match, and exclude values… So these two in conjunction should only bring in rows with FL and BU, which looks to be what you’re looking for.

Hi Snowy,

I also need the total rows to be included, so I am not sure that option would work. Or maybe I am not fully understanding this option.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Hi @rparr009,

if you can, take a Load text-based files node and then extract the data with a Regex Split node. Finally you can split the text cell into individual rows with a Cell Splitter node.

The regular expression could be


I hope it helps

Best regards

Hi @rparr009 , does this work for you?

This is the logic I used:

  • Temporarily add an autoincrement Row ID column
  • Get Row ID of lower bound based on Row with “THIRD PARTY - PROCESS BURNERS”
  • Get Row ID of upper bound based on Row with “GRAND TOTAL - PROCESS BURNERS”
  • Row filter between these 2 Row IDs
  • Remove temporary autoincrement RowID column

Here’s how my workflow looks like:

Input data:

Output data:

Here’s the workflow:
Filter Rows - Between Titles.knwf (25.5 KB)

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Hello there,

I would probably go scripting in this case to mark rows to be filtered later on. Here is workflow example with Column Expressions node:
Filter Rows - Between Titles_ipazin.knwf (8.2 KB)


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