Filter rows by multiple words with wildcards?

Hello. I am having some data i read into my workflow. I want to include only the rows that contain certain words, some of them need to be with wildcards at the beginning or the end. As i have like 40 words, i dont want to create 40 Row Filter nodes. I read about looping somehow, but as i am new to this i dont understand how that would work.

I also read about the Rule-based Row Filter but i dont see how i would go about using that one. Can any expert create me some rules for this node that keeps the row if one or more of this words is in the desired column?: hello, chair*, *mobile*


This would help me alot.

Thank you very much.


the rules for a Rule-based Row Filter would look like this:

$interestingColumn$ LIKE "hello" => TRUE
$interestingColumn$ LIKE "chair*" => TRUE
$interestingColumn$ LIKE "*mobile*" => TRUE

This of course implier that your interesting column is named "interestingColumn". There is a last implicit rule that always matches and always returns false, thus excluding everything not caught by any rule.

If your list of words changes over time, you might want to look into loops or the Text Processing extension, though, as that becomes much easier.

To be honest, i tried exactly what you wrote before i posted this thread. I dont know what happened, but the line $interestingColumn$ LIKE "*mobile*" => TRUE, in which i replaced the column name with the desired one, was always marked red with wrong syntax.

Whenever i removed the first wildcard in front of "mobile", the red color went away, but the execution resulted in an empty table, so everything was filtered out.


Summary: Sorry for bothering you, it works now. Thanks for taking time to reply to me.

Hi, I have the exact same problem, did you get any success?

What's the problem? The Rule-based Row Filter with regular expressions works fine for me.

This expression: 


$subject$ LIKE "*hilo*" => TRUE

Does work in the rule based row filter, but it doesnt in the dictionary rule based row filter. I put $subject$ LIKE "*hilo*" in the rules column and TRUE in the outcome column and I get this error: 

This is how it's configured: