filter rows: limit rows


I would like to limit the number of rows when working with the GUI and then keeping the same workflow and executing this from the command line removing this limit. I couldn't the boolean value in the node.xml nor in the Flow Variable dialog.

How can I unset this limit ?

One solution would be to set the variable MissingPatterns/MaxNumOfRows to a VERY high number, but to me this wouldn't be clean....

Do you have any other suggestion?

Is this actually the correct variable?




PS. I cannot assign a variable to this value in the FlowVariables, is this correct? What do I have to do to enable this?

All this is because it usually takes too long (>10min) to load >50M lines and I want to speed up the development time for designing a workflow. Then when executing the workflow I am afraid I will forget to change this variable again....

I wasn't able to set the variable MaxNumOfRows in the variableBasedFileReader directly on the command line. 

So my working solution is the following: Create a variable with that value as Int and use the variable import and the FlowVariablePorts and then use this value as a flow variable for MaxNumOfRows parameter.

Not nice but it seems to be working...