Filter sentences has question mark


How can I extract sentences have question marks or exclamation marks at the end. my Idea is to use something like string matcher or Regular expression to do that but niether worked?





use the Sentence Extractor node to extract all sentences from documents as strings. Than you can use e.g. the Row Filter node with a regular expression or wildcard to search for ? or ! at the end of the string.


Cheers, Kilian

Hi kilian

I tried the row filter for example but it doesnt work. can u help in writing the exact expression to check whether i am doing something wrong 







Could you post the regex you are using? I suspect you are not escaping the '?'






the regular expression in the Row Filter should look like this:


Select the "Sentence" column of the output table of the Sentence Extractor node to apply the filtering on. Don't forget to check the "regular expression" checkbox in the dialog. Attached you find an example workflow.


Cheers, Kilian

Thanks for your help, it works !